Everlasting beauty in golden drops

Transition to the new ”age-box” can be a troublesome experience… but you can turn it to an exciting challenge you look forward to. Be ready, surprise yourself and beat that dull, normal development of things called life and all the problems it brings with it like ”getting old” or ”not looking as good as you used to”. Casual heels, sundresses, romantic looks and perfect, glowing skin. You can have it all! …and we will show you how

Since we ace’d all of our elementary tests on beauty care, it’s our privilge to introduce you to some of these serums and all the benefits of using’em. All of these magical mixtures contain high levels of an exact concentration of the product they were designed to obtain. Some of them are produced to slow down your skin aging, some to help you be hidrated all the time or something third. Btw., this serum is like the biggest hit in every woman’s make up bag right now so…

We can’t stress enough, how delighted you will be once you find out all the benefits this IMMORTELLE SERUM has against aging. It’s intended to take care of your face and neck and it’s 100% natural. It has a powerful anti-age effect, lowers all the possible imperfections, nurtures and makes your skin smooth. It corrects pigmentation irregularities and possible scars. Wrinkles are also terminated and your circulation will be better than ever because of its ability to regenerate dry skin that was exposed to stressful situation. This serum is intended to bring back all the smoothness and nurture the skin.

As you’d expect, this and all the other serums are made with special kind of love and care. Immortelle was grown in the theme park HISTRIA AROMATICA in Istria. After we picked it, we soaked the immortelle in sweet almond oil and kept it in there for a whole month. We waited until the plant released all of its active ingredients, then filtered it and got…macerate.

Only a few drops of this golden liquid in your morning and evening routine will do the trick. Cleanse and wash your skin before using it. Apply the macerate onto your face, neck and chest in light, circular motion. Right now you have prepared your skin to be amazed by what comes next – Immortelle cream!. Moisturizing IMMORTELLE CREAM activly reduces wrinkles and revives and regenerates tired some and dry skin that was previously exposed to inner and outer stress. It feeds, nurtures and protects all types of skin from aging. It has shea butter and vegetable oil rich with omega – 3 and omega – 6 acids, immortelle floral water and essential oil, vitamin E and carrot and marigold extract. It can be used on all types of skin, especially dry, tired and sensitive face skin.

IMMORTELLE SERUM is also applicable on mixed/sensitive skin so no worries…we got you covered with this instruction on how to use it. First, put a tiny bit of IMMORTELLE CREAM on your skin, then mix it with a few drops of Immortelle serum and lightly massage it onto the area you want to. If your skin is dry apply it in the morning and evening. If you have mixed skin then do it either in the morning or evening, but not both. Whenever you want.

We are here to help you with the transition to the new ”age-box”! LET’S DO THAT TOGETHER!