Lavender Reed diffuser set

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Aromatic and fresh herbal fragrance of lavender, enhanced by sage and lemongras essential oils

SIZE: Glass bottle – volume diffuser 50 ml, refil Lavander 125 ml, 8 pieces of bamboo sticks

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USE: In a glass bottle, pour a scented liquid up to 2/3 of the total volume of the bottle. Put the sticks in it. The number of sticks depends on the size of the space, for small spaces such as the bathrooms use 4-6 sticks, and for larger spaces of 8-10 sticks. After the sticks absorb the scent, turn them so that the dry tip of the sticks is dunked into the liquid scent. Sticks will leave the scent in the space creating a cozy atmosphere. If you want to boost the odor, repeat the process, just turn the sticks back on. Faster rotation of the stick means more scent in the space. This mode of refreshment with the scent lasts 3 to 4 months depending on the temperature and the season. Keep your diffuser set out of reach of children and open flame

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