Lemongrass essential oil 10 ml

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Essential oil obtained by distillation with a water steam of freshly plant-grown grass Cymbopogon flexosus stapf

PART OF THE PLANT: whole plant

MAJOR COMPOUNDS: citral, geraniole, d-limonene, camphen, geranyl acetate, linalole, citronelal, citronelol, izoeugenol


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BENEFITS: Lemongrass oil is a powerful antiseptic and bactericidal. Helps in sports injuries, exhalations and bruising. It is a great repellent – it rejects mosquitoes, flies, ticks and similar insects. It is most commonly used in diffusers, aroma lamps, and in oil mixtures for massage and care. Due to the high content of aldehydes, it should only be used at low concentrations as they may irritate the skin. The calming effect is just achieved only at low concentrations, high concentrations achieve the opposite effect. It acts lipolytic, so it is often used in preparations for cellulitis treatment. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers and children under the age of 6

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