Sweet fennel essential oil 10 ml

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Essential oil obtained by steam of the upper parts of the plant Foeniculum vulgare ssp. vulgare var. dulce Miller, Apiaceae – Sweet Fennel

PART OF THE PLANT: upper parts of the plant

MAJOR COMPOUNDS: anethole, methyl chavicol, phenone, α-pinene, limonene, phellandrene


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BENEFITS It has been experimentally demonstrated that anethole and phenone act secretolytic on the respiratory tract, so it is used in asthma and bronchitis. The oil acts as a carminative, estrogen-like, spasmolytic and digestive tonic. It also possesses bacteriostatic action and is added as a preservative to various preparations. Use with caution due to the content of the neurotoxic ketone – phenone. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers and children under the age of 6

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