Eau the Toilet Aromatica 50 ml

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Aromatica fragrant composition contains more than 150 fragrances that are harmonized with the scent of the flower of Spanish broom. Various effects are ascribed to the intoxicating scent of Spanish broom, one of the more important ones is that it heralds the coming of spring and awakening, it acts as a love elixir and therefore bears the name Dalmatian aphrodisiac.  According to folk tradition when Spanish broom blooms life stirs from slumber and at that time women become more seductive

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INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Aqua, herbal extracts, Citronellol, Benzylsalicilate, Hidroxycitronelal, 2-(4-butylbenzyltert-prpionaldehide), Methyl-beta-naftyl keton, Citral, Eugenol, Izoeugenol, Methyleugenol, Farmesol, Geraniol

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