Biopy 0,5 l

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Biopy is a liquid  insecticide without scent with Pyrethrum extract and synergist pyperonil butoxide

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BENEFITS: Biopy is very effective in the household to suppress all kinds of insects: ants, flies, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, moths, mites and worms and for wasp and hornet nests. The pyrethrum extract is non-toxic for humans and warm-blooded animals, quickly degradating on the air and light. His action is based on the rapid and potent effects of pyrethrin, affecting the nervous system of insects

USE: Before use, the contents should be shaken well. The preparation is dispersed by the movements of insects such as window frames, door mirrors, various cracks, connecting areas of the room surfaces, behind and below the kitchen and bathroom elements, floor mats and seats in the closets. Before the application, it is necessary to close the doors and windows in rooms whose surfaces are treated because the pyrethrines quickly break down in the light and the air

The product is listed in the Biocidal Products Registry at the Croatian Ministry of Health: Class: UP / I-543-04 / 15-05 / 82 Issue number: 534-07-1-1-4-15-3

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