Marigold flower 20 g, Calendulae flos

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(Calendula officinalis L., Asteraceae)

Marigold flower is used in inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of mouth and throat, and in slow healing wounds

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USES AND BENEFITS: Marigold flower supplements enhance wound healing, reduces, inflammation and improve the recovery of skin and mucous tissues and possess anti-microbial effects. In folk medicine, marigold is also used for the treatment of warts on the skin. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers and children under the age of 12

PREPARATION AND DOSAGE : 1-3 g (3-4 teaspoons) of plants should be poured with 150 ml of boiling water, leave to stand for 10-15 minutes and then drain. Rinse or gargle several times a day with this tea. For outer, local applications, make linings or cloth drenched with tea and lay on injured places, change them several times a day

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