We actually want to be good mothers, funny friends and hardworking employee. We want to be respected and loved by our favorite people. We want to be feminine and cared for every day… but that day especially. So logically we want to celebrate it in the right way.

Spring day is upon us. It is not actually quite here, but it is coming. We count our steps day after day, running around the city, trying to catch up with the world. We want to please everyone. Good mother, good friend, good wife. We want a business career or/and job which we like and can improve. We want to be recognized at the office and everything in order at home… every day is almost the same right?

But one day is extremely special… 8th of March, an international Women’s day. Although, everyone thinks this holiday is quite commercialized, but it actually stands for the historic day when the fight for equal rights of women prevailed. We wanted that, we fought for it, we advanced. This date reminds us of everything we’ve accomplished, and it pushes us to live in a nicer, more respectable and more loved society.



That is the reason for celebrating that day in the way we really want to. Every day is women day, but at least for 8th of March we can be respected and loved just a tiny little bit more. One rose or a bouquet of roses… a simple gesture can make our whole day. And if you really want to impress us, we have some specific products that will wake up the pride of being a woman deep inside us and normally make us very happy. Why wouldn’t we be more feminine on that specific day than any other?

We have a little suggestion on how to make us happy:


Put on a Rose cream – Moisturizing cream with precious Bulgarian rose oil. Rich luxury formulation enriched with rosehip oil, raspberry seed extract, red algae gel, panthenol, and vitamin E. Nourishes, nurtures, protects normal and sensitive skin, and skin prone to redness and couperosis. Improves moisture retention, stimulates the renewal of natural skin balance and restores glow and elasticity of skin. Free from mineral oils, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes.


FIRST… put some Rose water on a cotton wool and apply tonner with cotton pad on the face, neck and neckline skin. A refreshing rose floral water with geranium essential oil is used for face cleansing and toning. It refreshes face skin, restores its moisture and increases the tone. The active ingredients of Egyptian Geranium essential oil work on the skin soothing and possess the mild antiseptic properties.

SECOND… put on a few drops of heavenly elixir called Rose serum on damped and well cleaned face skin. Gently apply it onto the face, neck and cleavage area. This natural luxurious facial serum contains specially selected cold pressed plant oils (rosehip oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia and pomegranate seed oil) that makes your skin very smooth and pretty. The richness of natural nutrients and powerful antioxidants make this serum a true ally in the fight against dry skin and wrinkles. The serum nourishes, nurtures, moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, mature, sensitive, tired and lifeless skin. With this serum restore the glow, elasticity and youthful appearance to your skin.

THIRD… don’t forget to massage your Rose cream.

Be ready to bliss and be special from dusk till dawn.

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