Are we the only ones who think the time to write our shopping lists for Christmas was only a few days ago? It’s like December barely ended.

But we got through Christmas and New Year like champions, straight into January blues, took a short break from all that shopping (never mind the sales), and here we are… gift searching time, once again. Because Valentines’ day is upon us. Lovers day.

Do you know how do whole thing about Valentines’ day started? There was a certain bishop who lived and served under Claudie II. The emperor ordered his soldiers not to get married or engaged because that will serve as a distraction on the battlefield. Everybody obeyed him, except young Valentine who was only 22 years of age. He was famous for his companionship and kindness so even though his emperor orders it, he couldn’t have lived his life doing something he knew deep down in his core wasn’t right. He escaped emperors rage for a long time, but eventually he was caught and beheaded on February 14th. But the same as most ”true love” stories, this one also has kind of a happy end. The common folk proclaimed Valentine a saint after his death and celebrated therefore onwards 14th. of February as a national ”lovers’ day”.

If you were a part of people who weren’t a fan of Valentines’ day, we are sure that this tale of Valentine the saint at least for a tiny bit, changed your mind. Because one thing is for certain. Love needs to be celebrated. Every day. Any day. And it is good that there is a day like Valentines’. To remind us what love is and to remind us not to forget it on the other 364 days of the year.



Valentine himself was a big fan of nature and agriculture. In his spare time, he worked in the diocese garden and he grew roses – so why wouldn’t you surprise your better half with one of our – nature-based products. Here are our suggestions:

… contains specially selected cold pressed plant oils that have a significant effect on in-depth skin care. The richness of natural nutrients and powerful antioxidants make this serum a true ally in the fight against dry skin and wrinkles. The serum nourishes, nurtures, moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, mature, sensitive, tired and lifeless skin. With this serum restore the glow, elasticity and youthful appearance to your skin.

… fragrant composition contains more than 150 fragrances that are harmonized with the scent of the flower of Spanish broom. Various effects are ascribed to the intoxicating scent of Spanish broom, one of the more important ones is that it heralds the coming of spring and awakening, it acts as a love elixir and therefore bears the name Dalmatian aphrodisiac.  According to folk tradition when Spanish broom blooms life stirs from slumber and at that time women become more seductive.

… is a vegetable bath enriched with rose scent and chamomile extract.

… contains essential fatty acids, carotenoids, and vitamin A precursors that work great for skin regeneration. Therefore, oil is extremely valuable in regenerative skin care. It has natural antioxidant properties and has a mild astringent effect. It is an ideal choice for formulations intended for mature and photo-damaged skin, when it is necessary to renew the skin and even the pigmentation of the skin itself.

… is enhanced by the smell of rose that relieves stress and provides an exotic experience.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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