The circle of life strikes again! Exactly at midnight! Two 20’s are knocking on our door and we didn’t even have time to blink. Is it just us or are the years starting to pick up their pace?

This 2019. will gently be escorted into well-deserved retirement and the new year will be welcomed with our arms wide open. We will open a bottle of champagne and celebrate all the possible future collaborations that might come.

And as we sit in our beds all cuddled in our pj’s with one hand in the cookie jar (two words: cinnamon and ginger) and the other holding a cup of coffee – we finally enjoy ourselves. We’ve done our job, worked hard, crossed another successful year on our calendar and now it’s time for a new ”to – do” list. Oh, please let it be a good and fruitful year.

On that note we shouldn’t neglect our business partners. Because business gifts are a part of this new modern business conduct and we need to be aware of that. As you know business gift is much more than just a gift. It develops communication and business relation between partners. It says a lot about your company, your staff, culture and your opinion about the said partner. So, take all this in to consideration and choose wisely so you can demonstrate quality and professionalism in your work.



We have selected a few products that will definitely impress your business partners…

Life is a story… on fast forward. That is why moments of relaxation are precious. Relax shower gel and soap is a perfect gift for your business partner. Shower and bath gel is in a bottle of 125ml, the soap is orange flavored… and all that packed nicely in a cute, see through cellophane. Isn’t it a nice idea that every time your business partner wants to calm down and relax, they will think about you?

Lavender products are always a good choice. As a matter a fact even the old Greeks considered lavender to be extremely healthy for our bodies, so they rubbed lavender oil on to their foreheads and scalps. This herb has a great effect on our psyche and helps fighting lack of sleep, depression and anxiety. We have a large number of lavender products such as: Lavender salt and oil, Lavender and chamomile oil and soap… whatever you choose, you won’t choose wrong.

If your business partner is one of the gentle genders, we recommend Rose bath and soap gift. We have already mention, as I am sure you know, that none other than Cleopatra herself used rose water to cleanse her face and make it look young for as long as she could. And we all know have busy she was back in her day.



If your business partner travels a lot, excite him/her with a Travel set. We can offer you one with Lavender or the one we just call ”Relax”. They both contain: Shower gel Lavender 30 ml, lavender shampoo 30 ml, body lotion Lavender 30 ml, Lavender soap 30 g and a box. These gifts are awesome because they are small so they fit everywhere.

So, show your business partner how well you know and appreciate them. Cheers and we wish you a successful New Year!



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