All the plans you never get to carry out, all the ideas you never find time to attend to, all the imagination that never runs out.

You try to get around, come up with ideas on how to make it through the day and daydream about some nicer times in the future. Sounds familiar? Roller-coaster of life knocks you down on a daily basis. Stop complaining and be sorry for yourself. Don’t hate the world. Because we only have this one. So, accept it, enjoy it and take care of it. Steal its beauty and use the most of it.
Let’s start over… have you come up with the idea on how to handle this fast and unpredictable way of life? No? We have a great idea!

Introduce a new daily routine in your life. It will fix your mood, make your sleep easier and bring happiness and joy back into your life. It’s ideal for this part of the year, both genders, all types of skin… and character. You probably got it right – a perfect bath will do the trick!


Here are some points for your dreamy bath time:

  • PREPARE YOUR SKIN FOR A PERFECT BATHTUB. Before you get in the water take a quick shower and have a peeling of your entire body so you can remove the dead cells. Your pores will forever be thankful.
  • CREATE A RELAXING ATMOSPHERE. Dim the lights or shut them down completely, light the scented candles, prepare a few hot towels and some oils to stand nearby. You know you don’t want to leave this bath once you get inside it.
  • ADJUST THIS BATH TO SUITE YOUR MOOD. If you want to relax for a second and stop thinking about all the chores and errands that awaits you, a perfect bath is the best way to do it. You should combine fragrances like rosemary, lemon and mint to create new and refreshing aromas. Our RELAX BATH is enriched with essential oils of sweet orange and lemongrass. You can already guess, it is a great choice for relaxation.
  • The golden rule of every perfect bath is – NEVER TOO MUCH SALT. Salt helps you fight stress and fatigue, reduces inflammations, soothes and cleans your skin and encourages metabolism. Add a handful of sea salt, our suggestion is ROSE BATH SALT – this sea salt is enhanced by the smell of Rose. The refined scent of Rose relieves stress and provides an exotic experience.
  • While you await your bath tub to fill up, TURN THE TERMOSTAT A FEW DEGRESS UP. Your essential oils, heated towels and bathrobe should be on a close standby. After this bath your skin is ready for all the blessings that will feed and revitalize it.
  • Drink your favorite beverage, read a book or meditate during your bath time. Or just do nothing and relax. When you’re done, take a quick shower with lukewarm water (the brave ones can try it with cold water).


Let’s go back to the start. Have you come up with a tactics of your own against the daily battle between surviving and enjoying your day?

Pampering in a bathtub perhaps, why not?

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