How to nourish your skin after the summer?

We are guessing everybody feels a little bit sad that, yet another beautiful summer is behind us, but don’t dwell on the past because future warm and cozy September days might still shine a few bright lights on you. Don’t spend your time worrying about these whimsical mood changes, take advantage of them and enjoy yourself.

And when was the last time that the final quarter of the year didn’t just flew right by us… ”summer, sea, cocktails…, okay Septem… bum Merry Christmas!” Our own personal and business standards climb high in those remaining months. Wax&shine past business contacts, start new projects, switch to a quicker speeding lane (and life lane). What is most often overlooked? Selfcare. Personal health, hygiene and overall that new ”fresh head start” we all seek and invoke. So be brave and bold enough to decide and stick with your new decision this time, take care of your skin. Summer heats, dry air, etc., those are all newly formed skin marks. Don’t forget that our skin is more highly exposed to dangerous sun rays during the summer than in any other time of the year. UV index is unbelievably high, raging Celsius cause perspiration so the common side effects include hyper pigmentation and dry skin.

So here are some tips on how to avoid these risks. First and most important step for our skin rehabilitation is – peeling. Combination of sun + sea + dry air accelerates dehydration and shuts pores. Skin has a hard time eradiate substances that are needed for it to be oiled up and moisturized. Peeling will open the pores and let them serve their function. Let’s hydrate our skin – in every possible way. Drink more fluids (water, herbal and natural tea, natural sodas) and use products that contain hydrating elements. Our suggestions are Immortelle cream and serum.

Those ”little sun heads” blossom in a natural habitat of stone of Mediterranean lands and since the early days they have occupy people’s attention with their smell, healing powers and… stamina. They are called Immortelle on purpose, because they grow where only a few plants would.

Immortelle plant was grown in the theme park Histria Aromatica in Istria. After we picked it, we soaked the immortelle plant in sweet almond oil and kept it in there for a while. We waited until the plant released all of its active ingredients, then filtered it and got…macerat. Apply only a few drops of this golden liquid onto your face, neck and chest in light, circular motion in your morning and evening routine and cleanse and wash your skin before using it. Then us IMMORTELLE CREAM.

Moisturizing IMMORTELLE CREAM actively reduces wrinkles and revives and regenerates tiresome and dry skin that was previously exposed to inner and outer stress. It feeds, nurtures and protects all types of skin from aging. It has shea butter and vegetable oil rich with omega – 3 and omega – 6 acids, immortelle floral water immortelle and essential oil, vitamin E and carrot and marigolds extract. It can be used on all types of skin, especially dry, tired and sensitive face skin.

Important notice: our IMMORTELLE SERUM is usually intended for nurture of dry skin, but those of you who have mixed/combined skin don’t need to be worried… because we have come up with a way for you to enjoy our SERUM as well. First, apply IMMORTELLE CREAM onto your skin, then add a few drops of SERUM and rub it in your skin lightly and smoothly. If you have mixed skin, do it either in the morning or evening, not both times. Whenever suits your mood. Be consistent in taking care of your skin and trust me, it will take care of you when you get older.

Are we ready for the intoxicating magic the Fall brings? Bring it on!