Nice and thick hair – it is possible!

One of the many legends speaks about the strongest man that had ever lived, Samson.

God has given him strength with the purpose to save Israel from tiredsome wars they’ve been leading. The best example of his strength was shown during this fight with a lion. He was very skilled and so he won. He was also in love with a woman named Dellilah. So one time, Philistines, nation that opposed the Israel sought the help of Dellilah and they bribed her to betray Samson and tell them where he draws his strength from. She asked him, and he told her it was in his hair. So the next morning Dellilah simply cuts off his hair and he lost his power just like that.

So, logically, modern times have made some adjustments, but some stuff remain the same – hair is still wanted. And why male population could argue that they grow their hair for the same reason Samson did, female population do it for a maybe less noble, but much more effective reason – beauty. Healthy, shiny and nurtured hair is a synonym for a strong and independent woman.

Root hair is in its peak through the first 20 years in life. Later, the hair starts to get weaker and more fragile. We stop excreting our own oil from our vertex so we damage our hair even more. During menopause our estrogen levels drop so the hair gets more sharper and loses its colour. The texture is less clear, unlike the toughness.

But regardless of your age, you can still employ some new ways of preserving your hair and its bliss. You need to feed your hair both from the outside and inside. For example., if you don’t consume enough Iron your hair will turn lifeless. Vitamin E is vital for hair health and consistency, so consume it as much as you can. Usual unharmful treatments can affect on hair moisture levels. If you simply have to use hair dryer try to lower its heat to light or medium. When the opportunity allows it, rinse your hair. Rinsing makes your surface smoother, it’s easier to comb it and it gets really shiny.

Cut it frequently. You will not have loose ends than. Avoid (seriously, as much as you can) as much hair styling products as you can. (foams, hair gells…) They „stick“ to the roots of your hair and are very hard to flush out. Even with water. And of course the most important part of this puzzle – hair shampoo. 


Our bestsellerShampoo for strength and growth contains all sorts of interesting ingredients – rosemary and nettle extract with essential rosemary oil that has antiseptic use. It helps restore sebaceous glands and accelerate our heads blood supply. These effects restore our cells and most of nutritious substances we ingest which empowers the roots and growth of our hair. One of its biggest perks is it can be used smoothly without any limitations unlike those aggressive therapy shampoos that have limited usage time.


Do everything you can, while you can – or we don’t hear stories about your hair too!