Borago oil 30 ml

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Cold pressed Borago oil 30 ml

INCI: Borago officinalis seed oil

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BENEFITS: Borage oil is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid (gamma-linolenic acid), which makes it one of the most therapeutic plant oils. Due to its ability to inhibit inflammatory processes, it is used for almost all skin conditions: dermatitis, eczema, acnes, psoriasis. Oil is used in preventing skin damages, stretch marks and scars. Borage oil also maintains normal skin function. It is used also to slow the wrinkle forming process and that’s why this oil is a common ingredient of natural creams. Renews, nourishes, soothes and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin and cleans and hydrates mixed and tired skin

USE: Apply oil on the skin with clean hands. Keep oil in a dark place, at temperature up to 25 ̊C

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