Black cumin seed oil 100 ml

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Cold pressed black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa seed oil)

INGREDIENTS: Nigella sativa seed oil

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BENEFITS: Like other oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids (such as evening primrose or borago oil), black cumin oil has a beneficial effect on skin problems such as scars, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. Black cumin nourishes dry and scaly skin well. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and will reduce existing fine wrinkles with daily use. Black cumin makes nails brighter and stronger, prevents hair loss and dandruff,

It contains about 70% unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, vitamin E and an average of 1% essential Black cumin seed oil. It is used for external and internal use. It is the most valuable nutritional supplements. The ingredients of essential Black oil, among which the Timokinone is highlighted, are useful for regulating and enhancing the immune response, especially in the case of allergies. It is also used for the care of all skin types, especially dry and scaly skin, and hair and scalp care.

USE: For skin care to drop 1-2 drops lightly massage on skin. For hair care and scalp, 1-2 drops on the scalp or use in hair extensions

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