You already know that we are all blessed with five basic senses.

And if we were ever to pick a certain sense out because of its special powers, it would probably be the sense of smell. The magic happens when those aromatic scents create chemistry in our brain and just like that, momentarily, they awaken all our memories and lived through moments and take us down memory lane. Memories turn into past actions. Short and sweet… because the power of smell hits us much harder than the power of sound or picture or any other sense.

To segregate and preserve the essential fragrance of a single flower has been a skill a man is trying to master since the old days of his ancestors. Essential oils appear when you distill a certain part of a flower with water vapor. This form obtained by steam distillation was known to be used way back in the beginnings of human civilizations.

It was used in day to day life, religious ceremonies, preparation of several cosmetic products and therapheutic and nutritive purposes. But, as the time (centuries) went by, people started to forget all the positive and healthy benefits of essential oils. Was it luck that, in the early stages of 19th century, a famous French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse burned his hand while working and in all rush to stop the pain, dipped the said hand in the cauldron that contained essential oil of Lavander and by doing so healed it almost simultaneously, we will never know. But thanks to that extraordinary mixture of fate, luck and perfect timing the fabolous world of aromatherapy was rediscovered once again.


Today, the use of essential oils is spread through inhalation and even oral utilization. There are many different types of oils and each one has its own purpose: some are used as pain killers or antibacterial, some for calming down when you are overly stressed or getting you up when you need that extra boost of energy. Some can provide help on the internal teritory, for example, with your respiratory or digestive system. Others are anti-inflammatory, restore balance in your body, help you heal your wounds or fight headaches alongside you. Essential oils are known to help people in all sorts of ways. And they all preform in a mild and natural way.

One of the essential oils you simpy have to have in your homemade ”natural pharmacy” is so called – Thieves essential oil. The Thief oil acts against viruses and microorganisms. It helps protect the body from diseases such as flu, colds, sinusitis and bronchitis. To refresh and freshen up, pour 4-5 drops into the aroma lamp, ceramics, diffuser or potpourri… and let the intoxicating fragrance speak for itself.

Here is a little trivia for you. The recipe of Thieves essential oil comes from the Middle Ages. According to the legend, a group of thieves in the 14th century to avoid plague use a mixture of essential oils: cloves, lemons, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. In exchange for a lighter sentence after the captured, thieves had to discover the formula of the plants they used to protect themselves from the plague when they robbed graves.

If you choose to believe in legends or not, one thing is for sure. This Thieves mixture is one of the best disinfectants you can be in possesion of. That is way you should welcome this ”thief” in your life with your arms wide open.


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