We have already established a few things when it comes to age box. We know the basics. But do we know more?

We always watch our moms and grandmas… have we inherited their youthful gene of perfect skin? We try to remember how disciplined you were as a kid? We cleansed our face before going to bed every night, we ate as healthy as we could, drank a lot of fluids… Hmmm. Ok. Maybe we weren’t always on the ”right frequency”. Alarm clock!

Well, wrinkles are cunning little creatures. They take their form in those deeper layers of our skin, where we can’t just see them. We are pretty relaxed when they work behind your back (read: under your skin!). Did you know that this process happens pretty early in our lives, in the early 20’s even? Some of you finally won your battle against pimples and out of nowhere, new battle is ahead. And it doesn’t give you a heads up, you just wake up at some point in your 30’s, look yourself in the mirror and those treacherous lines are here. So, it really is better to be safe than sorry. So, implement careful nurture in your daily routine. Cleanse your face first thing in the morning, apply hydrating cream, and repeat that thoroughly before you go to bed. It would be great if your cream is a bit more nurturing. This way we will be ready for our final victory.


Our suggestion is IMMORTELLE CREAM. This moisturizing cream actively reduces wrinkles and revives and regenerates tiresome and dry skin that was previously exposed to inner and outer stress. It feeds, nurtures and protects all types of skin from aging. It has shea butter and vegetable oil rich with omega – 3 and omega – 6 acids, Immortelle floral water and essential oil, vitamin E and carrot and marigold extract.

As years go by our own self-care needs to be more efficient and smarter. So, we need to get more familiar with serums, once we get in our late 20’s. Serums have much more actively concentrated ingredients then creams so their impact is obviously stronger. This magical duo (serum and cream) accelerates appearance of a youthful skin. Whenever you feel that your skin is exhausted and dehydrated – only a few drops of this magical elixir will fix every single problem you have.

This IMMORTELLE SERUM has a powerful anti-age effect, lowers all the possible imperfections, nurtures and makes your skin smooth. It corrects pigmentation irregularities and possible scars. Wrinkles are also terminated, and your circulation will be better than ever because of its ability to regenerate dry skin that was exposed to stressful situation. This serum is intended to bring back all the smoothness and nurture the skin. IMMORTELLE SERUM is also applicable on mixed/sensitive skin so no worries…we got you covered with this instruction on how to use it. First, put a tiny bit of IMMORTELLE CREAM on your skin, then mix it with a few drops of IMMORTELLE SERUM and lightly massage it onto the area you want to. If your skin is dry apply it in the morning and evening. If you have mixed skin then do it either in the morning or evening, but not both. Whenever you want.


If we would want to increase this combination effectiveness, we should use all the products from the same brand. ‘Being loyal to one brand’ – is an extra bonus, if you want a youthful face. For example, your skin will need at least one month to get used to a certain brand of products. Only after a certain period has passed, its effect will show up. The recommendation is to use the same product at least 3 times for it to work. Especially if it is not harmful for your skin. If we take into a consideration that our cells regenerate every 3 weeks, then using the same cream for a longer period of time shouldn’t be bad for you!


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