We are finally getting in the pure heart of Summer, long days, hot nights… and temperatures are climbing. We are looking forward to catch a glimpse of those sun rays, especially while we are on the beach listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore, or even splattering in the shallow water.

But even the biggest sun lovers and enthusiasts while still be a bit shocked by the height of this summer’s temperatures. The sun, a star that basically provides life on earth and fills us with vitamin D, has become a dangerous thing if not treated carefully.


So, let us repeat this one more time: do not go lay down on your towels and sun bath between the hours of 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon because the sun is too strong. Drink a lot of fluids and eat light food. Protect yourself with sunscreen products. And be sure to nurture your skin after sun bathing.

Although you have probably ”played by the rules” and avoided sun at the certain parts of the day, your skin still needs to be taken care of. The skin itself is quite dry after spending all day out in the sea, or chilling at the beach, so it needs to be nurtured. These are the 3 oils we recommend that will help you after you get that beautiful tan you’ve dreamed about all year long.

If you put every product you need to protect your skin from turning red while sun bathing, then you probably won’t turn red. But if had a tiredsome day, or week and you simply lay your head and take a short nap (that turns into a 4 hour slow roast on the sun) and you notice how your tan isn’t gold any longer, but it’s more red we recommend St. John’s wort oil.


St. John’s wort oil is one of the best oils that has an anti-bacterial and antiviral use. It is rich in active components from St. John’s wort (tannins, flavonoids, hypericin) that are beneficial to all skin types, especially dry and sensitive, and red after sunburn. It promotes regeneration and epithelialization of damaged skin so it’s one of the best after tan oils you could possibly have in your collection.


Marigold flower macerate has been proven to help wounds and burns healing, tissue rejuvenation, and softening of inflammatory processes on the skin. It is recommended for the care of all skin types, especially for the treatment of dry and damaged skin or specially exposed parts during our summer relaxation period.


Chamomile and lavender, gentle skin care oil   contains gentle and soothing blue chamomile oil combined with a refreshing Budrovka Lavender essential oil, which is beneficial for problematic and irritated skin. Especially selected vegetable oils nurture, protect and regenerate the skin, making it soft and elastic, especially after our skin has been exposed to so much sun.

Whatever oil you choose, you want be making any mistake. We recommend you try it on before and the one you liked the most, you use. Or the one that just takes you through the slow memories of the sea meeting the sun on the beautiful horizon and just makes you smile.


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