The tan you have been waiting for, for so long

Close your eyes for a second and picture this. You are chilling on a sunny, sandy beach, melow sea breeze blows around you and the only thing interrupting your silence is a light hum of waves kicking the shore. Gentle sun rays caress your face and body skin. Maximum pleasure. But is this vision exacatly what you wished for? Doesn’t it feel like something is missing?

The brightest star in our solar system, our very own Sun, has had a bad reputation for some time now. We all know it transmits harmful UV rays that can be very bad for our health. So its popularity hasn’t been on a rise lately. But it hasn’t always been like that.


Ancient civilizations had been given godlike powers to the Sun and they believed in its healing powers since we can remember. Old Greeks, Egiptians and Romans have all used Suns energy when it comes to curing certain diseases. Greek ancient city of Sun, Heliopolis, was known for its curing temples. They cracked the Suns rays in a different spectre of colors, and every color was used in a special treatment for a certain illness. Herodot, Greek historian, claimed that every sick person should be exposed to Sun rays, as well as anyone who has problems with weight gain or loss. Roman scientist Plinus also believed in the power of Sun so he sunbathed every day after his lunch and afternoon bath.


But the times have changed and we know the direct exposure to sunlight is not good for us. Although careful and observant use of suns healing factors can be used in our everyday lives. It seems like this two statements are contradictory, so logically one of them must not be true, but both of them are right. It is all about the use of our time, the way we expose ourselves and for how long. And last, but not least, what products do we use.

Our main star that will help you gain that nice, smooth tan is NATURAL SUNBATHING AND FAST TANNING OIL. Raspebery seed oil that it contains, has a natural protective properties for sun. Carrot and walnut macerate with cocoa butter gives your a nice tanning skin that you have always wished for. We are especially proud of the fact that no additional scents were added. We do like additional scents like vanilla or coconut, but we didn’t want to add anything synthetic in this product. And unlike a lot of other products, ours doesn’t leave any stains on your clothes, which is very important in these hot, summer days.

If you want to have nice healthy tanning bronze look, so that your skin does not have sun burn apply Natural sunbathing and fast tanning oil for half an hour before using a protective sun cream. Sunbathing and fast tanning oil does not leave any oily marks on your skin and it absorbs fast on your skin. If you, all of a sudden, decide to go for a swim, now you can without a single worry on your mind. Only thing you need to remember is you getting back home with the perfect tan you have always wanted.