Tamanu oil 30 ml

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Cold pressed Tamanu oil

INCI: Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil

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BENEFITS: Tamanu oil acts anti-inflammatory so it can be used for all inflammatory skin conditions such us: dermatitis, skin burns, inflammatory veins, capillaries and hemorrhoids. The anti-inflammatory effect of Tamanu oil is present thanks to 4-Phenylcoumarins, Calophyllolide and group of Lactone. All the active compounds are involved in helping the reduction of itching, swelling and pain. Tamanu oil applied to damaged skin has the ability to stimulate the growth of new tissue, which is a very important process in healing. Because of its anti-inflammatory activity, oil is used for vaginal infections. In addition, it can often be found in anti-age cosmetic for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. The oil has a mild and pleasant scent and it is used in lotions and creams and other cosmetic preparations. It absorbs very well, leaving the skin smooth and soft

USE: Tamanu oil can be applied directly onto the skin or as a peeling. Also, it can be used with Vitamin daily cream or Evening primrose cream. Apply the cream onto your face and add a couple of drops of Tamanu oil together on your skin once a day

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