Can you feel how smoothly we glide through this warm and soothing spring breeze that proudly brings all the charms of summer… ”summer is coming!”  You can cross off one more day on your calendar and ask yourself – am I really fit for summer dresses and short jeans?

Don’t worry, straw hats are already here, but don’t use them as a shield against unwanted looks.
The moment of truth is upon us! Summer recapitulation of all our training that we have been doing for the last few months will be shown soon enough, were we eating healthy, practicing enough or taking care of our bodies? Have we been careless enough to let our number one enemy – cellulite – get the better of us? If that is the case and we realize that we have been a little reckless (it happens to everyone) it is not too late to fix the damage. We have the perfect solution to your problems.

This isn’t the place to go into the details about cellulite and how it just pops up out of nowhere… everybody knows just enough about it. We are here to offer you the answer – in form of 2 of our products: ANTICELLULITE OIL & IVY MACERATE OIL.

ANTICELLULITE OIL is a mixture of Hazelnut oil, Marigold flower oil, Lemon essential oil, Atlas Cedar essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Eucalyptus citrona essential oil, Niauli essential oil, and Dalmatian Sage essential oil. Hazelnut oil is rich in essential fatty acids, quickly absorbed through the skin, tightens and improves skin elasticity and stimulates circulation. A special combination of essential oils with massage stimulates circulation and helps in the degradation and elimination of cellulite from subcutaneous tissue and strengthens the skin. With an effective anti-cellulite action, the oil leaves the skin firm, soft and fragrant. For max. effect we recommend you to massage problematic area (hips, belly, thighs) two to three times a day, lasting 30 days. 

IVY MACARETE penetrates in to the skin and thanks to the saponins, its active ingredients breaks down cellulite. hederasaponins act as equally venetonic as well as more widely known aescin from wild chestnuts, and hederagenin inhibits elastase enzyme and hyaluronidase. The inhibition of these enzymes allows for the formation of multiple elastin and hyaluronic acid intermediate molecules, enabling better building of subcutaneous tissue. This is of invaluable importance to cellulite. We recommend you use it the same way as the ANTICELLULITE OIL. Massaging the problematic areas two to three times a day, lasting min. 30 days.

Ivy macarate is somewhat ”lighter” when it comes to removing cellulite, but not at all less effective. It just works on a special, different and less invasive way. Anticellulite oil has a precise and definitive formulation and combination of the essential oils that work faster on cellulite removal.

Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. Only thing that is important is to not wait and to start on time. Don’t forget, summer is right around the corner. Be ready for it!

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