We would have discover a whole lot if we would ever to put our biggest organ (skin) to the test. For example, are we overly stressed or do we spend too much time in the sun. Are we going through any hormonal changes or if we were sick. Do we drink enough fluid, etc…?

Our skin shows us how good of a host were we through all the years that we have lived. How we treat it, do we nourish it the way we should…?
The course of human history demonstrates all the various methods which basically helped to rediscover the connection between our health and our skin changes. In some, more alternative, medicinal approaches and philosophies – face and body skin serves as a mirror when it comes to the health of our mind and body. And we concur, don’t we?
We really should nourish and care about our skin because the skin is our greatest communicator with the outside world. To preserve the benefits of healthy skin we need to tend to our skin and moistures it with the best possible products we can find. And here we are.

Our NATURAL HERBAL OIL are a great choice. A skin is a semipermeable organ, which means that the most of what we put on it, ends up in our organism. Once we decide to use herbal oils, we need to be sure to know, what we put on ourselves. Herbal oils contain lipids in them, the same lipids we have in the protective layer of our skin. One of the purposes of lipids is to create firm, concrete like connections between our cells and it results in another layer of protection that prevents loss of water and protects our skin from all the bad and unhealthy outside factors.

Two herbal oils that are most effective in skin care, especially in anti-inflammatory activity are – Borago oil & Tamanu seed oil (this oil can be recognized by its special, comfortable scent).


Borago oil is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid (gamma-linolenic acid), which makes it one of the most therapeutic plant oils. Due to its ability to inhibit inflammatory processes, it is used for almost all skin conditions: dermatitis, eczema, acnes, psoriasis. Oil is used in preventing skin damages, stretch marks and scars. Borage oil also maintains normal skin function. It is used also to slow the wrinkle forming process and that’s why this oil is a common ingredient of natural creams. Renews, nourishes, soothes and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin and cleans and hydrates mixed and tired skin.

Tamanu oil acts anti-inflammatory so it can be used for all inflammatory skin conditions such us: dermatitis, skin burns, inflammatory veins, capillaries and hemorrhoids. The anti-inflammatory effect of Tamanu oil is attributed to the content of 4-Phenylcoumarins, Calophyllolide and group of Lactone. All the active compounds are involved in helping the reduction of itching, swelling and pain. Tamanu oil applied to damaged skin has the ability to stimulate the growth of new tissue, which is a very important process in healing. Because of its anti-inflammatory activity, oil is used for vaginal infections. In addition, it can often be found in anti-age cosmetic for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. The oil has a mild and pleasant scent and it is used in lotions and creams and other cosmetic preparations. It absorbs very well, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It can also be used as an addition to your Moisturising Daily Vitamin Cream or Cream with Evening Primrose.

We recommend you apply your face cream first and then you add a few drops of Tamanu oil and massage it into your skin in slow, circular motions! The result is marvelous.

A skin is like a paper. It absorbs everything… so treat it the same as you’d like to be treated.


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