How to nourish your skin after the summer?

We are guessing everybody feels a little bit sad that, yet another beautiful summer is behind us, but don’t dwell on the past because future warm and cozy September days might still shine a few bright lights on you. Don’t spend your time worrying about these whimsical mood changes, take advantage of them and enjoy yourself. ... Pročitaj više

3 Natural oils you must try after sunbathing

We are finally getting in the pure heart of Summer, long days, hot nights… and temperatures are climbing. We are looking forward to catch a glimpse of those sun rays, especially while we are on the beach listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore, or even splattering in the shallow water. ... Pročitaj više

The tan you have been waiting for, for so long

Close your eyes for a second and picture this. You are chilling on a sunny, sandy beach, melow sea breeze blows around you and the only thing interrupting your silence is a light hum of waves kicking the shore. Gentle sun rays caress your face and body skin. Maximum pleasure. But is this vision exacatly what you wished for? Doesn’t ... Pročitaj više

Say bye-bye to cellulite

Can you feel how smoothly we glide through this warm and soothing spring breeze that proudly brings all the charms of summer… ”summer is coming!”  You can cross off one more day on your calendar and ask yourself – am I really fit for summer dresses and short jeans? ... Pročitaj više

Skin – the mirror of mind & body

We would have discover a whole lot if we would ever to put our biggest organ (skin) to the test. For example, are we overly stressed or do we spend too much time in the sun. Are we going through any hormonal changes or if we were sick. Do we drink enough fluid, etc…? ... Pročitaj više

There is only one queen among the flowers – Rose

You must have heard the legend of Cleopatra and her affection for roses. Apparently, she loved the scent of roses so much that she would soak her ships in rose water so that her lover would know she’s coming long before he sees her because of the winds carrying the scent much faster. ... Pročitaj više

Everlasting beauty in golden drops

Transition to the new ”age-box” can be a troublesome experience… but you can turn it to an exciting challenge you look forward to. Be ready, surprise yourself and beat that dull, normal development of things called life and all the problems it brings with it like ”getting old” or ”not looking as good as you used to”. Casual heels, sundresses, ... Pročitaj više